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Friday, March 24, 2006
Choose Your Future
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Topic: Family Business

Being a mom is so challenging, especially when theres a ton of other things I'd like to be doing rather than hearing someones 6 times tables, listening to 'Pickles Helps Out' for the tenth time, but I'm it, so I do these things & hear all about how mean 'courtney' is or whoever it is this week. & then by the time I've got a few minutes to myself I'm so tired I have trouble keeping my head up to type. I know my mother had it worse, since she taught us at home & all she was always right there for everything. but of course with a child teacher ratio of 2 to 1 we got stuff done & over with in 4 or 5 hours & had the rest of the day to ourselves. At least in the early days when I actually did some school work, once I hit 15 or so I just read in my room & went to Piano Lessons, that was pretty much the extent of my schooling from then on. At least I'm not totally useless, I can always serve as a bad example to my kids. Mom is how not to be. They're learning too. 16 wants to go to college & get a job where she can make lots of money- she says. & I tell the little ones the same thing. choose a career & stick with it Don't waste your life in pursuit of fun & happiness, get a career you love, money & stability first then look for the rest, of couse they won't listen, I know this, I remember people telling me the same sort of thing & I thoought they were crazy. You learn these things too late to make any real difference, even if someone gave me the money I have no interest in anything to 'go back to school' for. The only thing I ever have found that looked remotely interesting was real estate but I have a problem with it in that it can end up promoting the ruination of places like where I live, new housing starts are at an alarming high here, I read last summer in the local paper that the county had something like 150 development plans in the works when at the same time last year there were 60. I hate to see the hills & mountaintops becoming dotted with houses, roads being put in where fields were & logging roads being paved for houses to be built along them. This is why I moved here, to get away from the constant ruining of the landscape, tearing down the mountains to bring in a couple more. I would not consider a new house because of this. I wanted an exsisting structure because at least it's less intrusion on the landscape, Someone put it here, (in 1960 in my case) I'm just using it now that they're done with it. So that's one reason I don't feel like I could be a realtor. The other is that it's an effort for me to talk to people, I am horrible at small talk & can very happily pass whole days with out talking to anyone but the cat. (it helps that the cat is not a smartass like my customers on the phone at work) The thing I like about realty is that I love houses, floor plans & decor & love to see what people have done with their places, I still go to realtor.com at least once a week to check out the houses in my area because I love looking at virtual tours & pictures of the inside etc. A friend at work asked me to point him toward some places in my area because he want's to get his wife & kid out of where they live now before it gets worse & at first I was dubious he said to me 'You lucked out with your place, find me something like that.' & so I went home, looked & found him about 6 places online in his price range! he was supposed to go check some out yesterday & I'm looking forward to Sunday when we're both at work together again to see how it went! Annother stressful day at work, made a little better (but only a little) by finding out what my 6 months raise is going to be: (a whopping 26 cents (!!!) the worst I've ever recieved was a dime so I can't complain, hey, in a 80 hour paycheck that's a $20.80 increase, that's enough to keep me in Sobe for the whole 2 weeks til the next paycheck! (See what I mean? If I'd had a calling & become a lawyer or something I'd be drinking 8 Sobe a day & not even thinking about what they cost!)

Posted by Becky at 11:55 PM EST

Saturday, March 25, 2006 - 12:11 AM EST

Name: Chrissie aka Chris
Home Page: http://chrisseas-corner.tripod.com

What is a sobe?
Find me a house!
Val is becoming quite the beauty!
Oh and your lucky - my cat happens to be a smartass!

Saturday, March 25, 2006 - 11:11 AM EST

Name: Becky

Sobe is juice beverage I drink the energy one & it has caffeine which I need because I'm still not an adult & do not drink coffee! Did you want a house in Virginia or Mass? When I typed in my price range for Mass zip codes the computer laughed at me...lol. then it spit back a couple of rental condos in Quincy! Yes Val is very pretty, (pic was taken last May within a few days of moving into the new house) This year she's started to ge a little pudge around the belly which Lois & I keep telling her to watch out for - She'll probably lose it once she's out riding her bike in the yard again! The cat thinks it's a dog, I think, when the kids leave for school in the morning she comes to me & walks on me & meows untill I pet her & reassure her they'll be back & she's just generally more loving than most cats.

Saturday, March 25, 2006 - 3:41 PM EST

Name: Ann

You think thats a bad raise?? We get one a year, after you've been hired perm for 10 months. I just got my first raise in 3 years and I got $.18. I felt like asking them to hold onto it til next year and add it to that raise so it actually amounts to something!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006 - 5:39 PM EST

Name: Becky

I'm sorry Ann, that sucks, you need a new job! My last raise was .36, I was expecting about .30 because though I had a really bad month in December I didn't do that poorly the other 5 months, we used to get 1 raise a year, last year when they were changing over from anual to bianual is when I got the dime, when we were on anual increases I got .75 & 1.50 annother time though, so .26 seems poor, oh well, September is coming with my next raise.

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