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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Do you have to count it at all?
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I was looking at other peoples blogs tonight, as good a reason as any to not be folding clothes, weeding the garden or even blogging. & I noticed a few people celebrating their 100th entry or their 200th etc. for a few minutes I wondered how anal they could be, if they'd sat there & counted how many they'd done or what, then when I actually came around to put an entry on here I found the blog tool does it for you, this is my 61st entry. I think, I deal with too many numbers in a day to hold one in my head for more than a few minutes unless I'm making a special effort to hold it- yet I still remember all the phone #s I've had & most of my childhood friends phone #s from when we were kids- not since, they've all had too many different #s for me to be able to keep track {Hi Chrissie!} scary though, these numbers just pop out at random but I can't remember how many calls I took at work & if I logged them all or not (well, I do know today, because my boss wasn't there to tell me so I could check how many he said I took versus how many I logged so I could fill in the log with random calls to look like I filled it out correctly for every call I took- I took 50 calls, not good, I averaged 65 before our computer program change)I prefer not to count anything, change, how many sodas I drank today, how many times I logged out at work to go to the bathroom because of all those sodas, how many times I've seen the dog chase the cat past my desk here or how many times one child or another has run past naked...hey, how did he come thru twice from the same direction? {yo! we don't go outside naked! You're 6 years old for heavens sake! I thought you knew this...} (& I wonder where those gray hairs are coming from!- yes annother thing I'd prefer not to count)
I like to count hours I don't have to be at work, paid days off & stupid coca cola rewards points from all those soda caps I'm saving off the sodas I'm drinking! Counting the days til my vacation is getting pretty exciting since in 10 more minutes it'll be 30 days. 16 had a counter on her my space site to count down the days until her boyfriend came for a visit maybe I need one of those? Nah, the kids'll keep me posted, they're already drawing big red X's over the days as we get through each one.
I was brought up anti grading, IQ testing etc. so of course as a teenager & young adult that interested me the most- I wanted to be tested, anyalized & pigenholed to the best of anyone's abillity. Even so, I still have never taken a 'real' IQ test, just the ones online. I find it hard to associate my children's grades with how they're actually doing, the younger ones are graded with #s, 1 being poor, 4 being excellent, miss 9 is going to be going into 4th grade this next year & they switch to a,b,c etc. grades that year, for which I will be profoundly grateful, I just can't get the # system, it all seems poor to me, I don't see what the difference between a 2 & a 3 is (there's this nagging evil 'dad' at the back of my head that says if it wasn't a 4 it just wasn't good enough too which I would love to silence) the numbers are just too random for me. they all passed their grades, 9 did ok, 6 did great. 16 did pretty well, she lets personality clashes with teachers affect her grades too much(I think) You might think this is some sort of dyscalculia, but it isn't I'm not afraid of or confused by numbers, I just would prefer not to think about them in regards to 'how I'm doing' My grandmother hates numbers so much that she can't stand to look at calendars & when we lived together would tell me when she wrote something on the calendar to verbally remind her a day or two before something came up because she just wouldn't be able to look at the calendar. She prefers not to know what time it is & constantly is late sending birthday & christmas cards, the time just gets away from her, understandable pushing 90 but 10-15 years ago a little worrysome, or at least so some of my family thought, I just thought of it as one of her odd things. Now I belive she has dyscalculia but she'd laugh if I brought it up to her.
Still, it all counts, how you do in school, how you do at work, it counts for you, it counts against you. All this petty little stuff like did you say 'thank you for calling' or 'thank you for choosing' or did you write the check before or after the money posted in the checking account. (when we all know it only matters if the check arrived at the bank before or after the money posted into the checking account!) The really important stuff like how many times you hugged your kid or how many stories you read to them when they were sick instead of sticking them in front of the tv or how many shooting stars you saw while lying outside on a summer night don't count like they should.

Posted by Becky at 12:24 AM EDT

Saturday, June 10, 2006 - 12:42 AM EDT

Name: Just a trumpet player
Home Page: http://justatrumpetplayer.blogspot.com

Of course, everything counts in life ! But the people that love you count the most...

Michele sent me. Have a great weekend !

Saturday, June 10, 2006 - 12:46 AM EDT

Name: margalit
Home Page: http://margalitc@yahoo.com

I'm not a counter. I'm not dyscalcic either but I spend very little time with numbers if I can help it. I'm a wordsmith. When it dawned on me that I should check to see how many posts I've written, I was well over 400. I wish I could figure out how many comments I have. Now that would be an interesting number, at least to me!

Here via Michele

Saturday, June 10, 2006 - 8:35 PM EDT

Name: panthergirl
Home Page: http://thedogsbreakfast.blogspot.com

What's the opposite of dyscalculia? That's what my son has. He's like Rainman. If anything is remotely quantifiable, he'll quantify it. The kid lives for math!

Our schools use the most bizarre grading system: E for "Exceeds Expectations", S for "Secure", NI for "Needs Improvement". That's fine for music, art, etc... but I'd rather see some concrete evidence of how he's doing academically.

Here by way of michele!

Sunday, June 11, 2006 - 12:26 AM EDT

Name: OldOldLady Of The Hills
Home Page: http://sitteninthehills64.blogspot.com

Well I actually have some dyslexicness with numbers..But I noticed that on blogger, the number of posts you have done, includimg drafts, is right there everytime you go to your dashboard thingy...No, I didn't think too much about it till I saw that it was a bit over a hundred and I thought it was quite a milestone. And, that it was an opportunity to write that 100 things about me thingy...Of course there are things that count and should be counted that are much much more important than this, but it is some kind of milestone...at least it was to me...The whole Blogging Phenomenom is such a fascinating thing in and unto itself...why not enjoy whatever there is about it is my feeling---whatever floats your boat, as they say...
Here from Michele's tonight and Happy To Meet & Greet you!

Sunday, June 11, 2006 - 7:22 PM EDT

Name: Utenzi
Home Page: http://utenzi.blogspot.com/

Michele sent me, Becky. Hi!

I love numbers so I tend to be aware of them. Between my two blogs (one is just photos) I have 510 posts but most of them (396) are on my personal blog, Utenzi.

I suppose you can take the attitude that it all counts against you but isn't it a little nicer to think that it all counts FOR you?. I guess it's just semantics but life goes a little easier that way, Becky. LOL

Sunday, June 11, 2006 - 8:26 PM EDT

Name: honestyrain
Home Page: http://rain@honestyrain.com

i still remember my first boyfriend's phone number: 775-3710. i bet i remember a lot of old phone numbers and stuff like that. as for how many times i hugged my kids today? millions and not enough.

this was an interesting read and i'm glad i stopped by from michele's.

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