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Monday, October 16, 2006
100 things about me (The End of It!)
Topic: 100 things about me

9. Even before the internet I was a sucker for quizes, now I do at least a few every time I get online.

8. I am a music addict, I'm not too terribly picky, I like most all rock & folk, not too fond of country, rap or hip hop though
7. my birthday is november 26, I'm a Sagitarius but I am nothing like the descriptions of sagitariuses, they're supposed to be competitive, outgoing, loud, friendly & cheerful.

6. While I strive to be cheerful, the other descriptions are not me, I hate competitiveness & I am introverted, quiet & rather standoffish when it comes to meeting new people. I do really poorly in party & bar situations & would much rather be at home reading a book than at a party or whatever- for the most part that is, I like to go out occasionally
5. I come from a naturally depressive family, on my mothers side depression is a way of life, I strive not to be that way & take St. Johnswort to help prevent it, for the first 3 years after I began using the st johnswort I was truly afraid to go without it at all, nowadays, I sometimes forget to take it on my days off & I've gone a couple of weeks without it when I couldn't afford it. I can feel it's absence after a week or so though & its with relief that I buy it again & go back to 'normal'

4. I once read in a book about astrology that the 'sagitarius mother' likes her kids better once they're out of the baby stage & can interact with her, I thought that was terrible as a teenager when I read it, how could you not love a baby, I did love my kids as babies but I do find now that they're all out of the baby stage that they are a lot more fun when you can talk to them!

3. I breastfed all three of my kids, the first 2 stopped at age 2, the oldest on her own, the second because her father wanted her to (she still has issues) & the youngest stopped in his third year, when he was ready to. (dad was out of the picture by then & 900 miles away & so had nothing to say on the matter)

2. I'm a gamer from way back, I was addicted to atari 2600 games from the time I was 11 or 12, especially Megamania & Space Invaders, Tetris for about 3 years & Then it was Sonic games for the Sega my ex got me for my 25th birthday. Now I play spider solitaire, Mahjong & bejewled on the computer & my cell phone.

1. I'm out of things to say!

Posted by Becky at 8:18 PM EDT
Friday, September 15, 2006
More of the 100 things,
Topic: 100 things about me

Yes, it's been awhile since I posted anything in my 100 things, (since march) I have 80 things still & I have not been particularly motivated to make it 100, Chrissie did her 100 things though so I'm trying to finish up now.

 19 My favorite colors are teal, aquamarine & emerald green, I could go on, I love most colors!

18 My favorite artist is Tasha Tudor & now that I'm getting older I'm thinking about acquiring some prints of her art (over & above the 8 my grandmother who's also a fan, gave me.)

17 When I was young I loved cinnamon toast, so much so that I'd have like a quarter inch of cinnamon & sugar on the bread, my mother despaired of me often.

16 I hate pie in general, it's that dry crust messing up the nice, sweet filling,

15 I need a new couch- I also heard that while we were on vacation there might be a mouse living in (under?) my couch, now that we're back from vacation it should leave pretty quickly, mr 7 doing sommersaults across the cushions is not conducive to a mouse's sleep habits.

14 I'm almost unable to get poison ivy, I used to be able to sit in it & not get any rash, about 10 years ago my ex weed whacked an area at my grandmothers house which had poison ivy in it & I was in charge of clearing the whacked weeds, I got a touch of it & can get it a little since then, his face swelled up & his arms & legs & chest were completely covered in rash, it wasn't a pretty sight!

13 I have red hair, my kids ALL have red hair but neither of my parents had red hair, my mother's three brothers have (or had- they're gray now) red hair too. I'm the first known female in the family with the red gene though.

12 I can't belive I can't think of more to say... I thought I could rattle off 200 things in a matter of days, it's been 5+ months now & I'm pulling things out of my butt to complete this!

11 I have never been much of a self promoter. That cost me an upgrade in my job last October & I'm trying to get better at self promotion in order to stop having to talk on the phone for a living.

10 I often say things I shouldn't when I'm with people I haven't seen for awhile or who I'm excited to see.

Posted by Becky at 12:01 AM EDT
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
100 things about me
Topic: 100 things about me
29- I learned from my father as a child & teenager how to develop black & white negatives & prints, the last time I used the skills was after my father died to print a bunch of pictures of he & my brother thru their lives for a bunch of family members. I have my Fathers equipment but I don't have the chemicals & probably couldn't remember how to mix them or anything. Everything is different nowadays anyway, you've got computers where you had enlargers & chemicals to develop the prints.

28- I see my ex's family more than my own, they're a lot more fun than most of my own family & we've all gotten closer since my ex moved away than we ever were when he & I were married.

27- I am a lot more interested in other peoples blogs these days than I am in my own. My assumption is that most people like blogs which are about current events, I don't expect a large readership on my own because I'm mostly writing for myself, I unlike, (what I assume is) the general opinion of others like the blogs which are more similar to mine. people talking about themselves, their childhood memories, their own kids, stuff like that in general.

26- I started this feeling like I would have no trouble ripping off 100 things about myself but they're getting rarer, I'm reading other people's 100 things for ideas, that's where things like favorite cars, foods etc. came from.

25- If I borrowed something from you & you're reading this please consider imitation the sincerest form of flattery

24- If I could have any car I'd have a new 2005 mustang, my next expected car purchase will probably be a honda crv or something in that small suv range, I shop all the time for cars, not at car lots, I just point out cars I like to the kids while we're driving, This drives them nuts since I can't get a replacement car for my pt. cruiser for at least annother year & I would be smarter to wait for 2 more years & pay it off.

23- My favorite flowers are Peonys, Roses & Irises. But I like Lilacs, daffodills & hyacinths too, about the only flowers I don't care for are the November (my birth month) flower, chrysanthemums.

22- Besides my family's 10 acres & the neighbors multiple acres behind my house growing up I also had the park across the street to hike around in. I'm not supposed to mention the park anymore because that's where my brother hung himself later but I(& he)had a lot of fun there before that happened & so I keep my good memories of the place,

21- I took my kids to that park in 2003 (I think it was that year, I had my white car still I'm pretty sure) I didn't tell them about the bad stuff about my brother, just my happy memories of swimming there, hiking around there, the giant rock in the hill above the swimming hole. the carvings in the trees up there that we used to walk around & read, the frog pond etc.

20- we didn't stay long, not because of the memories. It was mostly the bugs, I always forget how many bugs there are in Mass, here in the Virginia mountains there just aren't that many blackflies or mosquitos, just ants, flies, sweatbees & the biggest wasps & bees I've ever seen! I've already laid in a supply of wasp killer- the kind which is supposed to keep them away for a couple of weeks, if I spray a can every 2 weeks & buy annother each time I get paid I might be able to avoid any unpleasant nests cropping up anywhere on the eaves of the house or shed

Posted by Becky at 6:45 PM EST
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
100 things about me
Topic: 100 things about me

39- My favorite Ice cream is chocolate, But if you have warm brownies or warm chocolate chip brownies vanilla ice cream melted over them is really good too.

38- when I was a kid I loved to cook, at 3 or 4 I'd follow my grandmother around the house with a bottle of vanilla just begging to 'make something'
by the time I was 11 I made dinner at least 1 night a week. when I was a housewife & my ex was working (or not working & we were on foodstamps- boy I do NOT miss those days!) I made lovely meals, now I hate to cook, a big mess, a big waste of time, I only cook the 3 nights a week I don't work & I usually have something heat & serve at least 1 of those nights.

37- My oldest likes to cook so on my work nights she usually prepares a reasonably good meal for the three of them, she tends to do things like hamburgers & french fries, roast chicken (one of my better recipies)

36- My youngest is the pickiest eater I have seen since my uncle who takes his family to lovely seafood restraunts & orders hot dogs for himself.

35- I've never broken a bone at all, though I have sprained an ankle a few times, always the same one, the right one.

34- As a teenager I had a black eye liner fetish (I still maintain I was the original goth child) now if I put on mascara (the only make up I can see the point of because my eyelashes are invisible with out it) it's usually because I'm bored at work on the phone & it's often at least 1/2 way thru the day.

33- I just found an old friend, she's been on my mind for about a month now & I thought of her about 10 times today, so I googled her & located what may be her phone & address & is almost definitley her work email & phone #. I'm so excited, I chose the email becuase it's been almost 5 years since I've talked to her & I'm shy. Calling someone who might be the person I haven't talked to in so long or might not be them makes me feel sick to my stomach.

32- I was especially thinking of my friend in the context of my oldest daughters birth, this friend was there for that, she was my lamaze partner & held my daughter right away after she was born. She came along because she had a fear of childbirth & thought seeing a birth would allay her fears, she almost fainted because she wasn't aware there would be blood.

31- I am definitely a nocturnal creature, I can just run on about any subject at 1 am but at 1 pm I feel constrained to type anything at all.

30- I have had many different shifts at my work & have pestered them to put on a third shift for nearly 5 years now, I would love to work from 11 or so right thru the night (though people who do so tell me I would not like it at all) My favorite was 4:30 to 1 am. (not counting my current shift which is 9 am to 8 pm & I never work more than 2 days in a row which I love) I especially liked it on weekends because I could spend the whole day with the kids & then when it was going on time for dinner I went to work.

Posted by Becky at 12:01 AM EST
Saturday, March 11, 2006
100 things about me
Now Playing: Incubus: Wish you were here
Topic: 100 things about me
49- I have a very vivid dream life- many of my dreams are of annother place which looks like real places I know but subtly different. I've been having dreams like this for as long as I can remember & so imagine my surprise when I was reading a book on mysteries of the world last summer & found someone who had documented a similar dream world, his name was Robert Monroe & there's a whole institute (in Virginia) dedicated to dreams & brain waves & astral travel (some of the stuff is a little extreme) He documented 3 different 'Locales' in which our dreams take place.

48- Part of my plan at this point in my life is to live here untill my kids are all grown up & have their own lives (I have hope that this happens someday- though I know there's lots of kids who never leave) & then sell the house (at a profit of course), get a small rv & see the country. I'll be too old to be a groupie by then but at least I can see the sights.

47- My parenting style is very laid back- untill the house is a mess. The kids always look shocked when after 3 or 4 reminders in a perfectly calm tone of voice that the living room needs to be cleaned up & they're still messing around or chasing each other from 1 room to annother, when I lose it & start yelling that the living room needs to be cleaned up now or they'll lose their tv privleges for the next week. Sometimes I wonder if I'd get them to do stuff sooner if I started with the yelling instead of starting with the calm, reasoned stuff. (that's how the ex got things done- he calls my style of parenting 'letting the kids walk all over you')

46- I find it hard to belive I am as old as I am, I still don't feel too far away from 19, of course I was old for my age as a teenager, so I've been the same for a long time.

45- I always wanted to birth at least one of my kids at home, my first I had no support for that, the other 2 their father was against it because he was premature he thought his kids would be premature (they weren't) I did get consent from a friend of his who was an emt to have my youngest at home & she was going to help & then we'd just have said the baby came too fast & when they came to get me in the ambulance it had been too late etc. but we moved to the other end of the county & it just wasn't going to be convenient.

44- a little over a year ago I wrote in a notebook, which I keep at work & just found today, a list of things I wanted to have in my house, (this was before I started looking for a house, I just wanted some guidelines, ) I wrote, a bedroom for everyone, garden space, some sort of hill that I can landscape on (I know a semi public garden built on a hill which I'd love to pay homage to) A porch or deck, either attic, basement or shed storage, & not too far off a main road. I managed to get all of these in my home & I only looked at this house. I never set foot in annother house when I went shopping (there weren't that many & I had been looking online for months before- I knew before I even stepped on the property that I wanted the place!)

43- Spring flowers are my favorite, & my new bulbs are sprouting as we speak, (or as I type?)I never thought 50 crocuses would be enough & I was right, but even sparse as they are they're nice to see, the hyacinth & the tulips will be along presently. This fall I'll have to get more bulbs to plant to increase the flowers beside our walkway.

42- When I was a kid we had a little 2 room cottage behind our house, with no electricity or running water, my mothers great uncle had lived there by himself when she was young, when I first started going out there all his stuff was out there still on built in shelves & stuff. The thing I remember most on those shelves was a birds skull. Later my Mother cleaned it out & when she started teaching us at home it was our school house, I could not stand to stay in there alone though, I just felt like someone was glaring at me & did not want me there

41- I used to have an entire collection of 'truly tasteless jokes' books. I loaned them to someone who promptly disappeared out of my life & took the books with her. I had read them over enough times that I really didn't need them anyway, I have an odd memory, if you ask me to tell a joke I'll have trouble coming up with one, if something jogs my memory in general life I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut & NOT telling the joke regardless of company etc. this used to drive my ex nuts; we'd be in bed at night & I'd think of a tasteless joke & just reel it off.. He would rarely actually laugh & always say 'what the hell made you think of that?' This has made me rather popular with my oldest's friends.

40- A friend once asked me when I listened to music did I pay more attention to the music itself or the lyrics, she, herself heard lyrics, her boyfriend at the time heard the music & didn't pay as much attention to the lyrics- (I'm sure he must have paid SOME attention to the lyrics) I had never really thought about it at that time, I just took it all as a package deal but now I find some songs I like the music more & some I like the lyrics more.

Posted by Becky at 12:02 AM EST
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
100 things about me
Topic: 100 things about me

59- I love quizes, polls etc. & am always aggravated when they come up with a new political one of local people where my opinions are not reflected in the slightest. I belive they're calling the same people every time, they most certainly are not calling me...

58- I thought I'd love ebay untill I tried it, I know they're trying to protect me from identity theft but when you're trying to buy a cell phone for a 16 year old & it tells you your credit card has to be verified (especially when you've carried the same card for 3 years) & it will take 4 days & the child is in tears & you're about ready to take your cell phone back- well, it's frustrating to say the least.

57- I am almost clinically unable to not read things, if my eye falls on the school calendar suddenly I'm halfway thru the highschool basketball schedule before I know it. At work when I ask my boss a question & have to lean over his cubicle half wall to ask (he's in his 60's & does not hear too well) I find I'm reading (upside down I might add) what he's working on.

56- Sirrius Satellite Radio is a good thing if you like a certain genre of music, if you like a wide variety (& I do) you have to keep changing the channel. Especially frustrating if you're like me & always have, in the back of your mind, that there's probably something better on annother channel. on the subject of Sirrus, (I don't subscribe, a bunch of channels come free with the at120 from dish net) why is it odd to me that someone would subscribe to radio but subscribing & paying for programing from dish net seems perfectly normal?

55- When I drink (on a par with once in a blue moon) I tend to get bad attitudes or I get weepy ( this is why my drinking is very limited)

54- I have no patientice with telemarketers at all.. I take inbound calls myself & realize they have it worse but still... If I tell you politely twice that I'm not interested & you persist the next sound you hear will be a dial tone...

53- I would rather be so busy I can't think straight at work than for it to be slow. The time drags so slowly that in the last 2 days I put in 20 hours & it felt like 40 hours, just from boredom. you can only talk to your co-workers so much! especially if every 5 -7 minutes one of you has to break off to actually take a call. It gets very confusing!

52 My signature perfume is Lutece which most people have never heard of, in order to get it nowadays I have to get it online, which means I know more about my perfume than I ever wanted to- for some reason the perfume retailers seem to think that we need a life history on the perfume. mine was begun in 1984 I chose it in 1985 actually. You see, my friend Jennie wore Lauren by Ralph Lauren all the time when I met her & to this day I still think of her when I smell it. In imitation of (homage to ?) her I wanted a scent that everyone would think of me when they smelled so I went shopping (on my ten speed- to cvs) for a fragrance & Lutece just seemed like the right one, I know both my oldest's father & my ex both liked it on me (although the last 3 years with the ex I didn't have any - or any money to buy any...divorce has it's privleges).

51- I feel it is a waste of time to do only 1 thing at a time, I can not read or be online with out music on, & I actually prefered things when I had the tv in the same room as the computer so I could have a documentary of some kind going on in the background while I am online. When online I have to have at least 3 windows with different stuff running at the same time so I can switch back & forth.

50- As a child I was the same way, if I was sent to watch tv I would always have a book on my lap, or be coloring or building with blocks while viewing the tv program. Later it became crafts or cross stitch while the tv was on. I used to watch a lot of hockey with my ex & cross stitch while it was on, he was surprised at first that I could keep track of the game & stitch at the same time. (to his credit he's one of the few men I know who can do two things at once, I know from reading psychology & language books that it is not normal for men to do so)

Posted by Becky at 12:29 PM EST
Thursday, February 23, 2006
100 things about me
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Topic: 100 things about me
69- The Ex would have something to say about the # to the left. I have all kinds of stuff to say about him. I had, (before the computer crashed) the first 40 things on a list of reasons why not to talk to him or consider him a friend. the problem is I've known him 23 years. we were together for 9 & while I know I am 1000 times better off with out him I still miss talking to him & getting his feedback on life in general & now that I'm online & we chat on I/M about 1x a week it all comes back in a bad way...gotta get going on the new list.

68- I consider 68 (the year of my birth) as my lucky #. Most everyone else in my family goes for 13.

67- I sit, at work, between 2 people who are in love, they've been together since we all began working together (october 1, 2005) & I have watched their relationship develop over my head/behind my back thru the past few months...another woman sits beside me on the guy's side & we both commiserate because we're both too otherwise occupied with other stuff to be in relationships currently (she with her elderly parents, me with my kids) I'm not looking forward to their first fight I can tell you that!

66- I used to lug the laundry to the laundromat, spend up to $15. a week- $60 a month to wash & dry it, lug it all back home & fold it all & get it put away before the end of my 2 in a row days off (also have 1 day off by itself in each week) all the time I did that I wished I had a washer & dryer, prayed I'd be able to get one & comforted myself with the only positive I could think of about doing laundry for 4 once a week: at least it's all done at the same time!

65- Now I have a washer & dryer, my electric bill has gone up aprox 30 bucks (still half what I paid at the laundromat) and I am allways doing laundry, I have the kids do their own laundry 1x a week, & I do a few washes each week too... this would be great but it seems on the kids laundry days they have nothing to wash because they've thrown it all in my basket or the family basket (for towels, facecloths, sheets etc.) & there's allways a basket full of laundry waiting for me to fold it. now there's nothing coherent about doing laundry, all my sneakers need bleaching & I'm hard pressed to find anything else white to throw in a bleach wash!

64- I guess it seems I'm never satisfied! really though, I'm of two minds about the whole thing with the laundry. that's something my Ex could never understand- I allways see both sides of everything & I take it for granted that there's allways going to be good & bad to everything. he interpreted that as I could allways find something to bitch about!

63- My Favorite season is everything but winter I hate wearing shoes, boots are worse, I hate spending the $$ for heat. I hate snow (But not enough to move so far south that there is none- I like the change of seasons & VA's shorter winter is almost perfect for me)

62- When I was a teenager I wanted to be a groupie & hitchike around the country seeing rock bands (& the other stuff groupies do with rock bands) my alternate plan was to be a farmers wife.

61- My mother thought I'd make a good scientist.

60- The majority of jobs I have had centered around food & kids, I've baby sat, worked for Dunkin' Donuts, Waitressed & cooked in a Seafood Resturant & other resturants, been a Cashier in a few different stores, retail & grocery, done housekeeping in a nursing home, labeled books & got them ready to go on the shelves in a library, & done the tech support job I have now. the most frustrating was the library job, my list of books I wanted to read & or check out was 4 or 5 pages long! my current job comes in a close second in the frustration dept. imagine telling someone to press the select button & they go up to the tv & push on the screen! (the scariest part for me is, what do THOSE people do for a living?)

Posted by Becky at 10:26 PM EST
Monday, February 20, 2006
100 things about me
Topic: 100 things about me
100 things about me
79- New list- the computer crashed. I'm beginning to hate computers. the joke is that every day I listen to people who's digital video recorders have crashed & I roll my eyes & repeat that all too oft quoted line 'if it's really important to you- back it up on a hard copy' & now I have to deal with a similar issue.

78- I was born In Massachusetts & have lived there or in Virginia all of my life (with occasional forays to New Hampshire, Maine & North Carolina.)

77- I can remember when candy bars were .20 cents, every sunday after church I would walk to the corner store from the church to pick up my familys copy of the New York Times & My Grandmother would give me a quarter for a candy bar, I would save the nickel change in my sunday coat pocket each week untill I had enough for a 2nd candy bar. I can remember my Father telling my Brother & I that candy bars were a nickel when he was 'our age'.

76- I love my new house, after 6 years in a falling down trailer I bought my own house this last May. It is nowhere near as annoying to pay my mortgage as it was to pay rent. at least when I get my mortgage statement each month I get a little readout which shows my escrow growing.

75- There was a time when I prefered reading to almost anything, now it's a close third after internet surfing & spending time with my kids.

74- when I was a teenager I had to make lists of everything, favorite rock band, lead singer, drummer, book, author, movie, actor etc. I made the back part of every diary a space for that when I was a teenager. Now I have too many ideas about everything to be able to list # 1, 2 etc. If I like something I like it & to try to rank it among others I like seems like too much trouble.

73- I worry about wrinkles a lot...they seem to be cropping up more & more these days. I can remember being 8 or so & thinking my mother's face was 'so lined with wrinkles'.. she was about my age now back then. I had no idea!!

72- My brother commited suicide at 16, my father did the same 20 months later. I think this has really made me see just how important it is to savor every day & try to find things to be happy about.

71- I can't sing a note but I can play the piano pretty well- I read music very well though I'm not very good at playing by ear. Playing the piano is one of those things which hovers in the back of my mind as something I'd like to do more often but just never seem to get around to doing (much- the last time was just after Christmas)

70- Favorite Holiday: Halloween. Christmas is a close second. I can't stand Thanksgiving though... I HATE turkey (we have duck for xmas) so Thanksgiving is allways about avoiding food I don't like. (give me a plate of uncooked stuffing, cranberry jell {no berries} & boiled onions & I'll be happy)

Posted by Becky at 12:01 AM EST
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
100 things about me
Topic: 100 things about me

89- music is practically my life - for nearly 10 years of my life I barely ever watched tv- just listend to music & did stuff- never had the time for tv. that all changed when I had kids though

88- 88 was the year I met my oldests father- (I still know all the dates anything important in my life happened I met D on 9/30/88, & got together with R on 6/28/92, last saw D on 1/20/90, & R&I decided we were getting divorced or at least seperating on 11/8/00. that was all effortless...as easy as pulling up todays date. maybe even a little easier since I didn't work today & don't pay attention to the day if I'm not at work

87- I like to not pay attention to the day or time as much as possible, I love to eat when I'm hungry, sleep til I'm not tired & just do what I feel.like doing when I feel like doing it.

86- I have never spent more than a day in public-formal education. I was home schooled from 5th grade up & before that I went to alternative schools where you could choose to do school work or not

85- as a teenager my favorite place to be was anywhere but home. Being homeschooled made me very bored about being at home

84- most of the nicknames I have I hate... Rebekells is C's, rebecky is K's. Beckala was J's, the only one I ever liked was Beck which I still use. But my original nickname- Becky is my preferred name- call me Rebekah & I feel like I'm in trouble

83- All my kids have nicknames too: fallopius, lolobelle. hellois, atv,(for all terrain valerie) valzabrat, vallerina, camdaman, camerot, & buddy.

82- I have had many more crushes than real relationships- I only consider 2 as relationships

81- I try to consider my ex a friend but he makes it hard & I have to keep reminding myself why I should not do so. I need a list of 100 reasons not to consider him a friend!!

80- I got this idea for 100 things about me from someone who I used to consider a friend but who dosen't speak to me anymore because my ex & I skipped out on a rental that she had refrenced us for.

Posted by Becky at 12:01 AM EST
Saturday, February 11, 2006
100 things about me
Topic: 100 things about me
100- I'm Fat, I've been fat my whole life excluding ages 18 to 21 & it's only a big deal when it keeps me from doing something I want to do.

99- I have red hair & all 3 of my kids do too... I love my hair un like most people.

98- I grew up in a big old house, with lots of land around me which I was able to explore.. thats what I miss most is being able to go for walks in the woods when ever I feel like it

97- I've got 3 kids 1 from 1 guy & the other 2 from annother- that said I am NOT a slut - I've slept with less than 15 men in my whole life: see item 100

96- I work technical support for a dbs provider & my job is very challenging & often quite stressful. but almost without even trying I have come to find myself at the top of the heap.. I know my stuff & happen to be sharp enough to be able to spew it out quick & consice when someone asks.

95- as a child I was afraid of almost everything, dark, big trees, garbage trucks, now I'm only afraid of one of my kids dying..

94- When my oldest was born the doctor put her on my stomach & she looked at me & cooed ''hi''

93- She dosen't belive this story

92- oldest child is at that age where she thinks she sprung from the ground fully formed & has graced my prescence ever since then- I had nothing to do with her being here as far as she's concerned

91- next child is 9 & very loving & sweet when she wants to be, being the middle child though she has a lot of hurt feelings & poor me attitudes, she also gets these looks like her father that send chills down my spine

90- Youngest & my only boy is 6 he's sweet, loud & fast- loves to run but would rather watch tv unfortunately.

Posted by Becky at 12:01 AM EST

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