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Monday, October 16, 2006
100 things about me (The End of It!)
Topic: 100 things about me

9. Even before the internet I was a sucker for quizes, now I do at least a few every time I get online.

8. I am a music addict, I'm not too terribly picky, I like most all rock & folk, not too fond of country, rap or hip hop though
7. my birthday is november 26, I'm a Sagitarius but I am nothing like the descriptions of sagitariuses, they're supposed to be competitive, outgoing, loud, friendly & cheerful.

6. While I strive to be cheerful, the other descriptions are not me, I hate competitiveness & I am introverted, quiet & rather standoffish when it comes to meeting new people. I do really poorly in party & bar situations & would much rather be at home reading a book than at a party or whatever- for the most part that is, I like to go out occasionally
5. I come from a naturally depressive family, on my mothers side depression is a way of life, I strive not to be that way & take St. Johnswort to help prevent it, for the first 3 years after I began using the st johnswort I was truly afraid to go without it at all, nowadays, I sometimes forget to take it on my days off & I've gone a couple of weeks without it when I couldn't afford it. I can feel it's absence after a week or so though & its with relief that I buy it again & go back to 'normal'

4. I once read in a book about astrology that the 'sagitarius mother' likes her kids better once they're out of the baby stage & can interact with her, I thought that was terrible as a teenager when I read it, how could you not love a baby, I did love my kids as babies but I do find now that they're all out of the baby stage that they are a lot more fun when you can talk to them!

3. I breastfed all three of my kids, the first 2 stopped at age 2, the oldest on her own, the second because her father wanted her to (she still has issues) & the youngest stopped in his third year, when he was ready to. (dad was out of the picture by then & 900 miles away & so had nothing to say on the matter)

2. I'm a gamer from way back, I was addicted to atari 2600 games from the time I was 11 or 12, especially Megamania & Space Invaders, Tetris for about 3 years & Then it was Sonic games for the Sega my ex got me for my 25th birthday. Now I play spider solitaire, Mahjong & bejewled on the computer & my cell phone.

1. I'm out of things to say!

Posted by Becky at 8:18 PM EDT

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