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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Just not feeling it right now, I'd rather be out with them but they're not home yet



I've been online for over an hour just reading other pe




oples blogs etc. & it seems everyone has so much more of a life, so many more links to interesting & funny & beautiful things. Or opinions on stuff like that mess in Pennsylvania which I watched with co-workers all day yesterday between calls & feel positively ill over. What is wrong with the world? I used to, when terrible things happened, look around at my idylic world here in VA & think to myself, well, at least it couldn't happen here, but it could, if it can happen in Amish country it can happen here. Of course, if they keep daring Iran, Nuclear Winter will happen to us all. here, there, everywhere! yeah, I got up on the way wrong side of the bed this morning- I know. Doing 20thousand dishes this morning because 16 is sick & didn't do them yesterday didn't help either. at least I have a pretty view while I"m washing the dishes!

      I'm in a bit of a funk because I heard from my middle daughter, who emails occasionaly with her dad & his new wife that he'll be back from Iraq 'for sure' in the middle of November, which means I have to worry about challenges to custody, visitation, pressure to let the little ones go to Wisconsin for visits (NOT going to happen) At least the worst worry is not going to happen, he was saying (threatening) when they visited during his leave in April that he'd like to move back here after he got done with the military. His new wife took care of that though! She bought them a house while he was gone, there in Wisconsin, near her family etc. & more power to her! She has my blessings, just keep him there is all I ask, chain him in the basement for all I care, just keep him away from me.

I won't continue on that particular vent, I'm sick to death of it already & he's not even calling yet. as I said I'm not feeling much like blogging, add to that I have to take 16 to the doctors once the little ones get home from school & then we're going grocery shopping because I had to wait for my credit card payment to post so I'd be able to complete the groceries, NEXT paycheck I'm going to have a full one, with at least 4 hours of OT on it. (I'm shooting for 6 but I only have 4 & 1/2 now & I know better than to count on any of it unless it's already posted to my weekly credit. Picture is a original by 16, just found that she's posted them on myspace, so if she's showing them off there I can show 'em off here!




Posted by Becky at 2:56 PM EDT

Saturday, October 7, 2006 - 7:40 PM EDT

Name: "Shephard"
Home Page: http://ShubertAlleyShephard.blogspot.com

I love the butterfly bench... I saw one like it in St. Augustine, FL once.  Maybe it's by the same artist. :)

Happy Saturday!
Michele says hi.


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