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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feeling better physically today but not psychicly, yesterday was the closest I've ever come to quiting my job, call after call, I got this tone from customers & a few times in so many words customers said to me: 'You don't know what you're talking about- let me talk to someone else' I do know what I'm talking about - the problem is we have 2 new call centers which are supposed to be doing tech like we do in my call center, both of these call centers are just starting out & are still really learning the ropes of how to do the job- I've been there 5+ years, I can do the job- even the hard parts- in my sleep. But because customers are talking to people new at their job who are feeding them misinformation multiple times when they talk to me who can actually tell them what is wrong with their stuff & how to fix it they don't want to hear it 'the last person said it was this- you don't know what you're talking about' I've heard about enough of that to last me the rest of my life!  On top of that the computer program from hell was acting up, 2 minutes, just to be able to see if the person I was talking to was who's account I was looking at. & I got handed quality assessments which harped on my 'tone' saying that I lacked enthusiasam, I have a cold & a sore throat, I'm barely croaking & if I leave work much more I'm going to get written up & they want me to sound more cheerful & enthusiastic, oh & I'm supposed to apologize more- I'm sorry when someone calls me & says I just unhooked my tv, vcr, dvd & dbs box & now I don't know how to hook them back up I'm supposed to say I'm sorry?  Sure, how about 'I'm sorry you're too stupid to do that - here's how!' So I got upset & emotional after a particularly rude person asked me 3 times to transfer him to a tech & ignored me saying I was a tech & could help him with anything he needed & then hung up on me before I could prove that I could fix his problem & I signed out of my computer & went to the bathroom & had a good cry, then I went & talked to my boss when I thought I was calmed down again & he was a jerk about the whole thing, turns out he's about as unenthused with being there as I am & told me he'd given his boss his security pass as a gesture that he wanted to quit the other day! He couldn't give me details on what he wants to quit over but it seems they're putting even more load on the supervisors over us than they already have & he's against it. So I'm not the only one looking at a newspaper today checking out other jobs, hoping theres something there that could give me something like what I'm making now, after 5+ years where I work.

(I should probably mention I'm pretty sure I'm premenstrual, that's probably why I had such a hard time with work yesterday, but really, the people I talk to are getting ruder & more hateful in general, I'm sure that's got to do with the stressful atmosphere we all live in, with uncertanity & crazy stuff like North Korea & Iraq going on)

  Looking at the newspaper I purchased this morning to look for a new job (I am serious that I'm at least going to check around) got me thinking, when I worked full time before I had kids, my newspaper reading was done on the way to work (I rode the bus for the most part) & at some jobs at work before I started work. When 16 was a baby & very young & I was a stay at home (welfare- I admit) mom & I read the Boston Globe every day, when we first moved to VA I did the same thing, though the newspaper was a different entity here, much more casual & I thought, conservative, One of the things which always amused me is I'd roll my eyes at the conservative tone of the editorials & then, 2 days later someone would have a letter in the paper taking the paper to task for their liberal views! When Miss 10 was a baby I worked with the ex at a oil change shop & had time to read the paper while on the job.  But when we moved back to VA in 1997 we were way too poor to be able to get a newspaper everyday & I got out of the habit, I could afford to subscribe or to pick one up now but while I have the money I don't have the time to read it, now I read the local paper which comes out once a week, if I'm lucky to find the time!  I miss reading the paper but at the same time I'm not sure it's neccesarily a bad thing not to read the paper all the time, after all, the information is slanted which ever way the writer wants it to be slanted, not that the information on tv isn't. Look at fox news after all. But I like to at least hope I'm getting slightly more neutral news through the tv set than I would if I had time to read it all. Really though, the point here was that I miss reading a paper every day! 

Posted by Becky at 6:48 PM EDT

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